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Traya reunites with Rajkummar Rao for #HopeForHair campaign

The first leg of the campaign film has been released across digital platforms.

Traya, an Indian health-tech brand committed to treating hair loss internally, has announced the extension of its #HopeForHair campaign, taking a deeper dive into its holistic approach to hair health.

Following the first campaign film released last year, the new series of films, seeks to inspire the development of consistent habits among customers to follow Traya treatment plan for holistic solutions. The latest film demonstrates how Traya treatment addresses the root cause of hair loss over time, showcasing its lasting effectiveness.

The campaign film once again stars Bollywood actor Rajkummar Rao, aiming to strengthen Traya's presence in the Hindi-speaking market. The first leg of the film, launching today, shows Rao as a gym instructor, focusing on the similarity between achieving fitness results through consistent workouts with professional guidance and addressing hair loss. It introduces Traya's hair coach offering, drawing parallels to the gym trainer, who ensures continuous customer support throughout the course of the Traya treatment for optimal results.

Traya reunites with Rajkummar Rao for #HopeForHair campaign

Speaking on the new campaign film, Saloni Anand, co-founder, Traya, said “The #HopeForHair campaign is Traya's effort to shift people's perspective on hair loss. The initial campaign film with Rajkumar Rao instilled hope by showcasing transformative results for hair loss. Our goal is to enhance awareness that, although our solution is effective, consistent adherence to the treatment is crucial, and Traya's hair coach is there to support individuals throughout their journey. At Traya, our mission is to offer a reliable, long-term solution to hair loss.”

The first leg of the campaign film has been released across digital platforms with a primary focus on YouTube, followed by social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Beyond social media platforms, the film will be further promoted by the brand via internal communications, emailers, and WhatsApp marketing. Additionally, it will be amplified across various digital media and the brand’s web page in varied languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Bengali.

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