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Vedantu's latest campaign addresses the education gap in rural India

Addressing the challenge, Vedantu, in partnership with DENTSU CREATIVE India, has developed a patented network aggregator device nestled in a book titled, ‘The Everything Book’.

Education is the foundation of a better future; however, the availability of quality education remains a significant challenge for 80% of children attending rural schools in India. The absence of reliable connectivity hampers their access not only to online learning platforms but also to skilled teachers and valuable courses.

To address this challenge, Vedantu, in partnership with DENTSU CREATIVE India, has developed a patented network aggregator device nestled in a beautifully illustrated book titled, ‘The Everything Book’. The device aims to bridge the connectivity gap by providing high-speed internet access to the most remote and disconnected parts of India. The goal is to provide children in these areas with a fair opportunity to access the education they rightfully deserve.

In an era where smartphones have reached even the remotest villages, the challenge of reliable connectivity still persists. This game-changing device operates as a portable network signal aggregator, capable of consolidating multiple data blocks from weak 2G mobile networks. By combining these fragments, it generates a strong ‘hyperspot’ that offers high-speed internet connectivity equivalent to 4G networks.

The concept of ‘everything’ represents the boundless nature of online learning. Additionally, the incorporation of a book element serves as a symbolic representation of the core purpose of this endeavor. Within the book, readers will find four inspirational stories, accompanied by captivating illustrations that depict the cultural heritage of the country. By employing various art styles, the aim is to create a sense of relatability and familiarity, encouraging more children to explore its contents. The book is an extraordinary amalgamation of art forms from across India. For the first time, the diverse styles of Avadhi, Rajput, Madhubani, Sikkimese Thangka, Pichwai, Chitrakathi, Kerala Mural, and Kalamkari have been united, showcasing the vibrant artistic traditions of the nation.

It is pertinent to note that this initiative, initially known as 'Stream School’, commenced as a pilot program in Simsa village last year. Building upon the success of its technology during the pilot test, the initiative has now been expanded on a larger scale in 2023.

Pulkit Jain, co-founder, Vedantu said, “We want to bring quality education to every child in the country, but without the internet, you cannot stream online courses. Children of rural India have so much potential which we’re losing out on because of a lack of supporting infrastructure. We worked with DENTSU CREATIVE to bring the idea ‘Everything Book’ alive to make sure quality learning reaches as many children as it could in our country.”

Aalap Desai, chief creative officer, creative experience, West, DENTSU CREATIVE India added, “The Everything Book has the potential to democratise education in the country. It is simple to use, is portable, and can be easily held and moved around letting children who don’t even have a proper classroom to sit in, let alone proper books and resources, to study connect to the internet and stream the latest syllabus and learn from the best teachers at Vedantu.”

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