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vivo's Diwali campaign embraces the #JoyofHomeComing, celebrating the essence of family togetherness

Crafted by FCB India, the campaign centers on a protagonist residing in Dubai who faces a difficult choice between their family and a promising career opportunity.

vivo, the global smartphone brand, recently launched its Diwali campaign- #JoyofHomeComing. Crafted by FCB India, this campaign elegantly encapsulates the essence of the festival, serving as a heartfelt reminder that true joy blossoms when we embrace the spirit of togetherness with our family. The campaign aims to reinforce that vivo is not just a known smartphone brand but also an enabler that helps people connect with their loved ones and express their love.

The campaign centers around a protagonist residing in Dubai who grapples with a pivotal choice between family and a significant career opportunity. His epiphany unfolds as he recognises his profound love for his newborn daughter, symbolised by his vivo device, ultimately leading him to the heartwarming realisation that, this Diwali, his true place is at home, savoring the joy of togetherness with his family.

While unveiling the campaign, Geetaj Channana, head of corporate strategy, vivo India, said "In a fast-paced world brimming with career opportunities, it is all too easy to lose sight of what truly matters. Aligned with our brand philosophy of 'live the joy,' our Diwali campaign serves as a poignant reminder to our audience that the core of this festival lies in returning home to share warmth and joy with loved ones. We aspire to wholeheartedly embrace the genuine spirit of the holiday with our consumers as they cherish the delight of family togetherness.”

Abhinav Kaushik, president, FCB India said "This campaign beautifully encapsulates the core proposition of the brand. No matter where life and work take you, true joy resides only in the moments of togetherness with your loved ones. In the race of life and the quest to chase your goals, you may be drawn far away from your loved ones, but your expression of love through vivo will always bring you closer to them by making you overcome all the barriers. Whether you're coming back home from abroad or just a short distance away, the joy of homecoming is a feeling that everyone can relate to. And with this Diwali campaign, the cultural relevance of 'joy and togetherness' goes many notches higher. It’s a beautiful heart-tugging film where team vivo and FCB joined hands to create a story that’s bound to swell the heart with emotion and resonate with every Indian across the world."

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