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Wakefit unveils Happy Home Index 2024 by 'Eavesdropping on Homes'

It has launched 'The Soft Rock Cafe' campaign to highlight a report that contains insights of India’s relationship with homes.

Wakefit has unveiled its Happy Home Index 2024 by introducing a brand film, The Soft Rock Cafe, where walls have ears and homes share trade secrets about the trends they observe.

The Happy Home Index 2024, draws insightful findings on India’s relationship with their homes and the interplay between various aspects that contribute to home happiness. The brand packaged the insights in an engaging film titled, The Soft Rock Cafe. 

Set in the backdrop of a cafe exclusively built for homes, the film showcases The Wakefit Office eavesdropping on a conversation between two homes, out on a date. The story highlights Wakefit's philosophy of listening to customers’ needs and observing behaviors to drive its business and marketing decisions.

The film spills the beans on the satisfaction levels of Indian homes across different age groups, genders, and family settings. Gen X (45 and above) is 16.7% happier than Gen Z (18 to 25). There could be several reasons for this, but one definite reason is that Gen X has been investing in furniture that loves them back. The 45-and-above crew is flexing at 7.98 while the younglings are at 7.3 when asked if all their furniture meets their needs.

Wakefit unveils Happy Home Index 2024 by 'Eavesdropping on Homes'

Men find more joy emotionally and in their living spaces, making homes their happy places. Both genders enjoy relaxing at home, but men are 16% happier with the freedom to change things at home. At Soft Rock Cafe, homes revealed higher satisfaction levels for men in feeling at home (by 2%), hosting, having private spots (by 8%), and engaging in group activities (by 6%).

Soft Rock Cafe visitors from various cities stir up some healthy rivalry as The Wakefit Office unveils city-level happiness rankings. Chennai and Mumbai sit at the bottom with a score of 8, while Hyderabad leads with 8.54. Surprisingly, Mumbai tops eagerness to return home (9.32), freedom of expression (8.88), and home changes (8.8). Hyderabad and Kolkata lead in shared activities (8.2), with Bengaluru and Chennai trailing (7.18).

Soft Rock Cafe insights show living arrangements greatly impact home happiness. Nuclear families ace it with a score of 8.58, boasting comfy furniture (8.42), stylish decor (7.28), and vibrant social interactions (8.14). But for solo dwellers, it's not all rosy; they score lowest at 7.62, craving better furniture (7.04), lighting (7.3), and social connections (5.94). Pet owners thrive emotionally, are eager to return home (9.02), and express themselves freely (9.08). Yet, both pet and nuclear families struggle with home modifications. Joint families grapple with hosting and privacy (7.26).

While highlighting the insights and key takeaways from the Happy Home Index, Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, co-founder and director, Wakefit, said, "At Wakefit, we've delved deep into the fabric of Indian homes to understand what truly creates happiness and contentment within living spaces. The Happy Home Index 2024 reveals fascinating insights into emotional, functional, and social factors that shape our domestic lives. Intriguingly, we've observed that men find a unique sense of joy and autonomy within their personal spaces, challenging traditional narratives about domestic happiness. We’ve also seen that pet families and joint families share the strongest bond with their homes."

He added, “This index is not just a measure of happiness; it is a reflection of the evolving Indian home, where every piece of furniture and every shared moment tells a story of individual and collective well-being. We are committed to understanding these stories, and aligning our business to address the diverse needs and aspirations of every Indian household."

The Happy Home Index 2024 is an ongoing report and the first edition received more than 3000 responses, recorded from March 2023 to February 2024. It covers respondents across key metro cities, across age groups, and various demographics.

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