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Videshi influencers drop Hindi catchphrases in new Wakefit ad

The ad stars content creators Drew Hicks and Agu Stanley Chiedozie who have recently risen in the ranks on social media.

Wakefit, a sleep solutions company, has unveiled a new advertisement campaign featuring international content creators Drew Hicks and Agu Stanley Chiedozie. These creators are well-known for speaking Hindi fluently and creating humorous videos and reels on social media.

Hicks plays the role of a Wakefit salesperson attending to customers and solving their queries. In contrast, Chiedozie is one of the customers who engage in an argument with another consumer while shopping for a mattress.

The ad starts with a customer visiting a Wakefit store looking for a mattress, where Hicks welcomes him and his acquaintances and impresses them with his fluent Hindi. As they discuss mattresses, the customer is slightly pushed by Chiedozie by mistake. This leads to an argument between the two, where they almost come to blows. They are seen using phrases that are most common during a fight, like Chacha vidhayak hai humara and Tu jaanta hai main kaun hun?

To avoid converting this quarrel into a physical fight, Hicks keeps his cool, intervenes, and requests both parties to calm down. He asks the two, Chote bacche ho kya? (Are you a kid?), to which Chiedozie says, Ye chota baccha hai (He is a kid), pointing to the man he was fighting with. Hicks then shows them the new Wakefit XpertGrid Mattress with cooling technology.

He goes on to describe that the new mattress has over 3,300 air channels, providing maximum air circulation to help people have a cool and comfortable sleep all night. He also claims that this mattress will improve a person’s sleep score due to its features.

After the two lie down and experience the quality of the mattress, they wake up in a fresh mood and shake hands, indicating they are now ‘cool’. The customer even invites Chiedozie for a cup of tea at his place, to which he responds that he would definitely visit and enjoy tea with snacks.

The Wakefit XpertGrid Mattress costs Rs 10,499 and is now available on the company’s website and in offline stores as well.

Hicks is of American origin, whereas Chiedozie is of Nigerian origin. Hicks is also a recipient of the ‘Best International Creator’ award presented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the National Creators Awards.

The advertisement has already garnered significant attention on social media platforms, as Hicks and Chiedozie have been promoting it on their respective Instagram profiles. Netizens praised the creativity and comic timing of both creators, asking for more ads like this.

This is the first time a brand has onboarded international content creators to promote its products. India is seeing an increase in the number of international content creators who speak Hindi fluently and are garnering significant attention on social media for their humorous videos and vlogging.

Other such content creators include Yechan C Lee from South Korea, Ved Campbell Maddison from the UK, Johan Bartoli and Hampus Bergqvist from Sweden, Elizabeth Keyton from Georgia, and Jessica Kumar from the US.

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