Shreyas Kulkarni

We had our creative, strategy, and business heads play the roles of the characters for the client: Amit Wadhwa, Dentsu Creative

A fun and light-hearted Q&A series with India’s biggest creative folks; here is Dentsu Creative’s CEO.

Dentsu India is transforming an agency holding network into a, as CEO Harsha Razdan puts it, “client-obsessed marketing tech consultancy.”

It means Dentsu Creative CEO, Amit Wadhwa, is a busy man, as he shapes the network’s creative offering to fit perfectly into Razdan’s vision. 

He still made time to answer some fun questions. 

A Cannes Lions or a less than 10-minute commute to your office from home? 

Cannes, of course. It is the ultimate dream of any adman. Plus, I enjoy my long drives to the office and back. It is my time for music, me-time, and sometimes even great ideas. So, I don't mind the drive at all. 

Political advertising. Yay or nay? 

Yay, why not? We are in the business of creating brands and these are some of the biggest brands in the country. So, political advertising zindabad

What is your guilty pleasure on Instagram? 

Orry videos. There is so much to learn from him. He is too amazing!! 

Which client story would you love to regale your guests at a dinner party a decade from now? 

There was this one time when we had to pitch a script to a client who just didn't get it. So, we decided to act out the script for him. We had our creative, strategy, and business heads play the roles of the characters for the client. Main tab itna senior nahin thaa, toh I just enjoyed the performances. 

The most scandalous story you have heard at your present or former workplace. 

Well, this is a rare one. We pitched an idea to a client, and they loved it. They gave us the go-ahead in two days. Got three full months for execution. We delivered the work with zero changes. No drama, no hassle, no changes. It has to be a scandal. 

What is your presentation hack at pitch meetings? 

Keep it real, take a deep breath, and let the videos do the talking. And yes, you can be a bit braver and bolder here. Pitch mein darna mana hai!

What is the tea on working with celebs? 

They are talents bringing your script to life. Treat them as equals. (And no autographs, please— not cool).

Drinking on the job. Cheers or not at all? 

Whoever says it is cool, is just pretending to be one. And I know a few. 

What is your career in an alternative universe? 

Chaiwala, for various reasons. One of them is that I am pretty good at it. Ask my wife! 

OTTs, audio streamers, magazines, websites, to whom do you willingly subscribe? 

Breaks, through entertainment, are extremely important for me - besides football and books, I rely heavily on music and OTT for that. 

Your most expensive purchase on an advertising person's salary?

The house that houses my family. For reasons beyond money. (Bahut brownie points milenge)

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