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“We’re bringing Maggi to you”: Nestlé tells consumers in brand film

With this, Maggi has also owned up all the earned mentions and conversations around the brand.

The latest communication from Nestle Maggi is an assurance to its consumers that it’s got their backs. The copy of one of the slides in the video reads, “We are doing everything to bring Maggi to you!” Over the years, despite hard times, the brand has maintained its strong footing in the ready-to-cook space. Maggi has almost attained the stature of an ‘essential’ over the years, and is among the few brands that thrive on earned media. In times of crisis, like the current COVID-19 pandemic, the product is also among the first ones to fly off the shelves.

Although it seems like another morale boosting corporate brand film, it owns up all the earned mentions of the brand and rides on it. It’s like Maggi acknowledging that people are talking about the brand, and the ‘asks’ of those who couldn’t get hold of their share, and then replying with, “We hear you all.”

In a media statement, a Nestle India spokesperson says, “We want you to stay safe. We are trying our best to make sure all your beloved brands, including Maggi, are with you to keep you company.”