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When Virat Kohli failed to recognise Yashraj Mukhate in a Too Yumm! spot

Released on Instagram, it’s an excellent review of Disney+ Hotstar’s vertical video viewing for the Cricket World Cup. 

The debate of who is a bigger star is common, even amongst the slightly famous. Now, imagine the same conversation between composer and YouTuber Yashraj Mukhate and cricketer Virat Kohli took a wrong turn and headed towards who’s the biggest chap. 

Worry not because it was all in jest, and Mukhate did not make headlines for getting injured from the skilful hands of one of the biggest batters in world cricket. 

Released on Instagram, the vertical video was the release of Too Yumm!’s anthem for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. 

Mukhate composed it, and Kohli, the brand’s endorser since 2017, stars in it. A special light should focus on the vertical nature of the video because it is a preview of how ads would appear on Disney+ Hotstar during the Cricket World Cup. 

One of the many features the video streamer has introduced for the World Cup is MaxView – an offering that lets a viewer watch the game in a vertical mode (9x14 portrait view) and includes vertical ad formats. 

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