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When your junior’s home shines brighter, courtesy budget-friendly paint from Asian Paints

The company’s new spot touts its affordable ‘Ace Sparc Emulsion’ paint.

Jealousy is a human emotion that everyone feels from time to time. But when you see your junior from school, college, or work do better than you, the fury that builds inside you is indescribable.

Asian Paints, the leading Indian multinational paints company, has tried to evoke this feeling in an ad for its ‘Ace Sparc Emulsion’ – a budget-friendly line of paints.

The 22-second spot features an older couple (Vermas) stare at a home. Mrs Verma complains to her husband about how Mr Sharma, his junior, has “decked his home like a new bride.” Her eyes then land on Mrs Sharma who’s all decked up.

Poor Mr Verma is oblivious to his wife’s inner jealousy and goes on to explain what kind of paint Mr Sharma has used for his home. Rookie mistake, Mr Verma, rookie mistake.

It’s an interesting spot because while people would like to paint their homes, the ongoing economic uncertainty, coupled with the anxiety of COVID-induced lockdowns and curbs, will discourage them from doing so. And, hence, this ad for the budget-friendly ‘Ace Sparc Emulsion’.

As per Asian Paints’ website, this offering is “suitable for moderately humid climatic conditions”, and is available in 1,000-plus colours.

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Just last month (March), Asian Paints released an ad, featuring actor Ranbir Kapoor, for its ‘Ultima Protek’ paint. It will help you “bid farewell to dampness, algae, cracks, colour, fading and fungus on walls.”

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