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Winkin’ Cow honours 70 years of Britannia Bourbon with new TVC

The new campaign continues the global debate theme from the previous ad.

In March 2024, Winkin’ Cow, under the umbrella of Britannia, collaborated with Britannia Bourbon to introduce a thick shake format. 

To promote the new offering, the company continues the theme from the previous Bourbon campaign, exploring layers of chocolate. The new TVC, crafted by The Womb, playfully showcases the transformation of a Bourbon biscuit into a Winkin’ Cow Bourbon shake, adding a humorous touch to the mix.

In Britannia Bourbon's last campaign, the ad spotlighted a playful global debate about the structure of the biscuits and asked, ‘Is it truly chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, or perhaps chocolate below chocolate below chocolate?’ 

The new product, Winkin’ Cow Bourbon shake, is priced at Rs 35. According to the company’s release, the collaboration honoured 70 years of Britannia Bourbon.

The release also added that the new offering is available at stores and exclusively in Reliance stores among large format retailers.

Currently, Winkin’ Cow is available in the market in flavours like salter almond caramel, Cafe Frappe, intense chocolate, vanilla, chocolate, badam and strawberry.

Commenting on the category crossover Amit Doshi, chief marketing officer, of Britannia Industries said, "As we commemorate 70 years of Britannia Bourbon, the brand’s collaboration with Winkin’ Cow heralds an exciting new chapter in Britannia’s history. This partnership represents an exciting fusion of two beloved icons, resulting in the creation of the Winkin’ Cow Bourbon Shake, a fusion of flavours that redefines indulgence. Through this collaboration, we aim to not only honour the legacy of India’s original Britannia Bourbon biscuit but also to push boundaries and create unique experiences for our consumers. The Winkin’ Cow Bourbon Shake embodies our commitment to craftsmanship and innovation, reflecting our dedication to delivering exceptional quality and taste in every sip."

Commenting on the launch of the Winkin’ Cow Bourbon Shake, Abhishek Sinha, chief business officer - dairy, CEO Britannia Bel Foods Private said, “We are excited to introduce our latest product under the Winkin’ Cow portfolio, the Bourbon Shake which is an innovation poised to redefine beverage consumption nationwide. This new addition to our product portfolio, which stems from the fusion of two of the most iconic brands within Britannia, aligns with our goals to give consumers more of what they love and strengthen our brand. The increasing demand for flavoured milk and dairy products in the Indian market fuels our commitment to innovation. As pioneers in infusing the original Britannia Bourbon flavour into shakes, this launch holds particular significance for our brand as it expands our chocolate-flavour range, to meet the growing demand from chocolate enthusiasts.”

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