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With Zomato's acquisition of Uber Eats...

Food delivery giant Zomato announced earlier this week that it has acquired Uber Eats in an all-stock deal worth $350 million. Uber Eats, a food delivery wing of ride-hailing platform Uber, had been in talks with other food-delivery players in the market, for a possible merger. Many rumours had surfaced of Uber Eats' possible acquisition by Zomato. And lo and behold! It's here.

Deepinder Goyal, founder and chief executive officer of Zomato, said via the company’s official blog post on Tuesday, “We have acquired Uber Eats India and with this development, we are the undisputed market leaders in the food delivery category in India.”

Netizens, however, made sure that the news was spread with a grain of salt, and a dash of spice as well. The Twitterati brigade woke up to the news and had a field day. Multiple memes and one-liners poured in to give a comic spin to the takeover.

But it wasn't just the general public – some rival brands jumped in and made their presence felt as well. Amidst all the meme-trafficking around the acquisition, Dunzo, an Indian delivery services company, saw an opening to make its presence felt- and took it. In a tweet, the brand put forth its creative take on the news – with a tomato and a pea.

A sly use of puns, a creative use of vegetables (Tomato = fruit), and a typography to get the message across, Dunzo's tweet is peak moment marketing – and so remarked one of the respondents to the tweet.

Gojek Tech, a product development and training centre of Gojek, an all-in-one app, had its own subtle depiction of the Uber-Zomato unification. In a tweet, the brand made use of colour combinations we've come to recognise Zomato and Uber Eats by.

Through the tweet, the tech start-up made a pun out of Uber, to make a point on how it has acquired 400,000 merchants to make GoFood one of the largest food delivery apps of Asia. But the typography was 'Uber' familiar.

Uber gets 9.99 per cent ownership in Zomato after this deal. Uber Eats has discontinued operations in India from Tuesday, redirecting all restaurants, delivery partners and customers of the app to Zomato.

Here are some other creative depictions of the takeover.

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