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World Environment Day sees brands put the spotlight on waste management

With dedicated World Environment Day campaigns, many brands have taken up the social responsibility to identify, educate and provide solutions for waste management.

This year’s World Environment Day witnessed a lot of brands partaking in spreading awareness about waste management, a problem that has plagued the global environment for decades now. Many brands have sparked discussions on social responsibility of corporates to effectively take initiatives to counter the catastrophe. 

This year’s campaigns address a wide range of environmental issues from depleting resources, excess use of fossil fuels, and potential sustainable alternatives to make way for a better future. Zomato, for instance, has brought back ‘Kachra’, a well-known character from the iconic movie Lagaan, to list out all the way waste can be recycled to produce products of utility.

Maggi’s ‘Yellow + Blue = Green’ campaign urges people to dispose the emptied packets of MAGGI in blue trash bins so the waste could be managed better. The brand has unveiled a dedicated TVC to educate the public about its waste segregation initiative.

Many other brands have poured in as campaigners for this year’s World Environment Day. Between Vijay Raaz voiced CSR ad from Aditya Birla Group and PepsiCo’s ‘Project Purna’ initiative, afaqs! has identified a few campaigns that stand out. Take a look.

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