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ZEE5 unveils new brand manifesto 'Roz Kuch Naya Bante Raho'

The campaign explores the the multiplicity of today’s dynamic youth who is on a constant path of exploration.

ZEE5, one of India's largest home-grown video streaming platforms, unveiled its content brand manifesto through a thought-provoking film that reflects the underlying change in the mindset of today’s viewers.

As opposed to a linear quest for a singular goalpost of ‘settling down’, the film captures and celebrates the fluidity with which people have begun to make life choices; unravelling new dimensions within themselves and exploring uncharted territories as they journey through life.

The campaign film, ‘Roz Kuch Naya Bante Raho’ uses the device of a sculptor to showcase this philosophy.  In the course of the film, we see him mould, shape, chisel and recreate a piece of art using different materials, styles and textures. We see him create an array of busts which are inherently the same, yet strikingly different. This visually powerful metaphor represents the multiplicity within each of us and the constant evolution of a work-in-progress generation. Viewers are urged to embrace this fluidity through inspiring lines like “Behte Raho, Aakaar Lete Raho, Roz Kuch Naya Bante Raho”. The film ends with a poignant question – “Aaj Kya Banoge?”

The visual metaphor is further enhanced by actor Manoj Bajpayee’s evocative narration. His delivery adds character to the film as he truly embodies the spirit of multiplicity. From being a theatre actor to taking on diverse film roles that explore his sheer range as an artiste and now his latest turn as a producer, he has transcended the confines of familiarity and pushed the boundaries of creative expression. Strengthening the connect with the artist further, the film opens with the manifesto line penned in Manoj’s very own handwriting.

Manish Kalra, Chief Business Officer – ZEE5 India says, “We, at ZEE5, believe that our customers are our key priority and all our teams focus on delivering to meet their expectations. Be it storytelling, technology or business initiatives, they must stem from a profound understanding of our consumers' lives, their desires, need-states and beliefs. Our content brand manifesto will serve us as a compass that guides the brand's journey over the years, aligning all stakeholders, content partners to craft an experience that truly resonates with our audience.”

Kartik Mahadev, Chief Marketing Officer - Content SBU, ZEE says, “Today’s youth are seekers, explorers; a work-in-progress generation. As believers and cheerleaders of this new mindset, ZEE5, through its content, invites everyone to explore the countless dimensions and versions of themselves; to keep creating themselves, one story at a time. From immersive dramas to documentaries, from comedies to thrillers, from India and around the world, ZEE5’s rich and varied range of offerings have the potential to unlock, inspire and shape ideas, dreams, beliefs, possibilities and behaviour.”

Manoj Bajpayee said, “As a platform that has its finger on the pulse of the viewer, ZEE5 is sending out a very relevant and critical message through its new content brand manifesto. At a time when people don’t want to be bound by labels and wish to stay unfinished rather than settling down, ZEE5 endeavours to tell stories that will serve as a springboard to its viewers’ aspirations, fuelling their path of self-discovery. As an artiste, the diverse roles I’ve had the opportunity to play have helped me explore the different facets of my personality. As someone who has been a part of some of the platform’s finest content, I was more than pleased to be the voice that delivers such a pertinent message.”

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