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Ex-Google Exec Mohit Jagtiani launches Next Narrative, a branded content company with Simran Hoon

Next Narrative aims to focus on building brand loyalty.

With the increasing media clutter in the digital space, consumers have more media choices than ever before. In such a competitive environment, it is vital for brands, creators and platforms, to keep their narrative fresh. Next Narrative is the new age media company that is committed to doing so by helping creators scale their reach and grow revenue while driving business outcomes for brands.

Helmed by Mohit Jagtiani, award-winning brand storyteller, ex-Google (YouTube) and Viacom18, in partnership with Simran Hoon, ex-QYOU Media and Viacom18, the branded content company aims at solving these brand objectives with relevant and compelling long and short form branded content and IPs.

Next Narrative touches on the ABCs of Digital Storytelling: 

Audience: Next Narrative understands consumer preferences and motivations, and aims to help brands as well as creators connect with them meaningfully.

Brands: It serves brands seeking meaningful connections through storytelling. 

Creators: It aims to support authentic creators with a passion for crafting emotional narratives.

Mohit Jagtiani, founder and CEO, Next Narrative, says, “There are too many brands vying for the same audience. This has inadvertently led to an obsession with performance marketing and immediate outcomes. A very few are focussing on building brand loyalty. Next Narrative believes that in today’s cluttered environment, a compelling attraction to a brand, brand loyalty and consistent business outcomes has to be created with the right story, the right content and the right creator(s). With the 3Cs of creator, content and commerce converging, I could not have asked for a better time to take the entrepreneurial leap and add the 4th C of connection with Next Narrative.”

About partnering with another industry veteran, Simran Hoon, Mohit adds, “They say when you start on your own, you should tag team with someone who can complement your strengths and vision. I couldn’t be more excited about partnering with Simran who is also my ex-colleague from my time at Viacom18.”

Simran Hoon, partner, Next Narrative, adds, “Storytelling has always been in my DNA. While working at Viacom18 together, Mohit and I experienced first-hand impact of the right story, in the right hands, told to the right audience. With our industry knowledge and the right partnerships, we always knew we wanted to create something creative and drive impact. I have had a rewarding career spanning 30+ years working with the broadcast media in its golden age and with the digital media which is today a tour de force. What remains unchanged across the years and types of media is the ability of tell great stories to solve brand challenges. ”

Next Narrative aims to focus on building brand loyalty. Under Mohit and Simran’s leadership, the company will drive results for brands by developing compelling content. Today, creators are media powerhouses with loyal communities. Next Narrative aims to partner with these influencers and creators- niche, big and small, who can authentically bring brand stories to life.

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