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About FutureBrand, the agency that designed Air India’s new logo

The London-based agency was also responsible for the design elements of the 2012 London Olympics.

In December 2022, Tata Group onboarded FutureBrand, a London-based design consultancy which is a part of the Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG), to reconfigure Air India’s identity. Yesterday, the brand revealed a new logo designed by the agency.

Helmed by CEO Nick Sykes, FutureBrand has worked with some global brands such as American Airlines, where they helped the company redesign its identity. The company also helped Lenovo-owned Motorolla, where the agency used Lenovo’s brand personality to develop a ‘more is more’ aesthetic for the brand.

For Bentley, FutureBrand helped the brand to decipher the emerging global luxury consumer and redefine how Bentley looks, feels, and communicates with them. The agency took upon itself the transformational journey of Bentley, and decided to departure from the super-premium car sector, seeking a place in the world's top luxury brands.

What followed was an extension of Bentley's prospects. The introduced a premium Suite in St Regis, New York, and also announced an exclusive range of luxury ladies handbags.

About FutureBrand, the agency that designed Air India’s new logo

The agency was also behind the 2012 London Olympics’ colours, identity elements, logo, and font. The challenge for the company was to develop a gamestime look for both Olympic and Paralympic games, while maintaining a uniform overall look for London 2012.

About FutureBrand, the agency that designed Air India’s new logo

To bring this to fruition, FutureBrand developed an identity system that worked across all touchpoints and campaigns. This included signage, interior dressing, street dressing, ticket design, medal ribbons, the transport for athletes. As per the agency, this was the first time in Olympics history when 'One Look' was created to work for both Olympics and Paralympics and for the rest of the city.

About FutureBrand, the agency that designed Air India’s new logo

The brand strategy intricately linked the torch relay with the volunteering programme, aligned the visual aesthetics of the games with the ticket sales approach, established a connection between sponsors and their customer base, intertwined the Olympics with the Paralympics, and fostered a sense of unity between the people of London, the broader British population, and their Games. This comprehensive approach played a pivotal role in reshaping the perception of both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The company has now helped Air India find a new skin, with the unveiling of ‘The Vista’, as the company calls its new logo. The new Air India identity retains the familiar "Maharajah" mascot, but it's subtly reimagined to resonate with a modern audience.

As per the agency’s website, it offers services including corporate & service branding, consumer branding, retail & hospitality experience, digital brand experience, brand innovation, brand research & measurement, employee engagement, and country branding. 

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