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Air India takes off with a new logo and livery

The 'Maharaja' as its mascot, will continue to accompany the airline on its forward journey.

Tata Group's ownership of Air India has announced a significant rebranding, as the airline unveils a fresh livery and logo. The revelation was made during a rebranding event, where N Chandrasekaran, the chairman of Tata Sons, took the stage to present the new visual identity.

The new logo, aptly named 'The Vista', has been brought to life through a palette of bold red, golden, and purple hues. Chandrasekaran emphasised that this dynamic color scheme encapsulates the airline's resolute vision for the future.

"The new logo that you see here today... the vista signified by that historically used window (the peak of the golden window signifies limitless possibilities, progress, confidence and all of it),” Chandrasekaran highlighted during the event.

The reimagined logo encompasses the iconic Indian window shape, which has been an integral part of Air India's legacy. This emblematic window has evolved into a captivating gold window frame, standing at the core of the airline's redesigned brand identity. It symbolizes an inspiring 'Window of Possibilities', signifying a boundless array of opportunities.

Notably, travelers can anticipate encountering the new logo as part of their journey starting from December 2023. This timeline aligns with the induction of Air India's first Airbus A350 into the fleet, proudly displaying the new livery.

Chandrasekaran emphasized, "We are focusing on upgrading all Human Resource aspects... Our fleet requires a lot of work… While we have ordered a large number of aircraft… We have to refurbish and get our current fleet to an acceptable level. It is going to be a lot of hard work but the path is clear. We know where we want to be. The new logo represents our bold vision," encapsulating the airline's dedication to achieving excellence.

In the words of Air India's CEO, Campbell Wilson, "Colours, patterns, shapes, and how they come together and what they represent matter, but our actions speak so much louder. We are in the midst of a total transformation to reimagine the role of India’s flagship airline."

Addressing a significant concern among loyal patrons, Wilson confirmed that the cherished 'Maharaja', an iconic symbol that has long graced Air India's identity as its mascot, will continue to accompany the airline on its forward journey.

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