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iD Fresh Food — looking back at its iconic product innovations

A butter stick is the ready-to-cook company's latest innovation. Here's a look at its other novel products.

iD Fresh Food made dosa batter better by simply packaging it in a ziploc bag that can be used to store the batter. That was 2006. As the company inches towards its two-decade anniversary the innovations are only getting more and more bold and captivating.

Who would attempt to disrupt the butter category where Amul is a market leader? Only iD Fresh Food and that too with a packaging innovation, no less.

Bengaluru, the head quarters of the company, is the default testing ground for all of iD Fresh Food's product innovations. These products are almost non-existent other metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

In a recent interview to afaqs!, CEO and co-founder, PC Musthafa, said, "At iD Fresh, we foster a work culture where innovation is nurtured and each one of us believes that we can make a difference. Whether it’s new products, smart packaging, supply chain modernisation, or in-store marketing ideas, we are always working on innovative solutions."

Let's take a look at what this innovation culture has produced over the years.

iD Fresh Food — looking back at its iconic product innovations
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