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Prada to design NASA’s spacesuits for 2025 Moon mission

The fashion brand would bring expertise with materials and manufacturing to the project, collaborating with Axiom.

In an official statement, Prada has announced partnership with Axiom to design space suits for NASA astronauts. The next-generation suits will be used for NASA’s Artemis III lunar mission planned for 2025. 

As reported by BBC, Professor Jeffrey Hoffman, who flew five Nasa missions and has carried out four spacewalks, said, "Prada has considerable experience with various types of composite fabrics and may actually be able to make some technical contributions to the outer layers of the new space suit".

"A spacesuit is really like a miniature spacecraft. It has to provide pressure, oxygen and keep you at a reasonable temperature. Maintaining a good thermal environment is really the critical thing," he added.

Axiom and Prada are coming together to use innovative technologies to build spacesuits that will allow greater exploration of the lunar surface.

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