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Equus Red Cell's Swapan Seth launches ThisContent

ThisContent is a content and conversation management company, aimed at helping marketers to better manage the conversations around their brands in the digital space.

Swapan Seth, co-chief executive officer, Equus Red Cell has launched his own content and conversation management company. Called ThisContent, the name is a play on the word 'discontent'. The company was launched on March 29 and aims to manage conversations around brands in the digital space.

ThisContent has nothing to do with Equus Red Cell, which Seth will continue to run, along with co-shareholder Suhel Seth.

Equus Red Cell's Swapan Seth launches ThisContent
In a conversation with afaqs!, Seth explains more about the purpose of this freshly initiated venture. "I believe that more and more brands are embracing the digital space with vigour and are faced with compelling challenges in the process. They have pages on Facebook and accounts on Twitter but are unable to have meaningful conversations on these pages," says Seth.

Why is that the case? "It is because this space is largely outsourced by them to digital expertise which very often does not have conversational competency," says Seth. The objective behind launching ThisContent is, therefore, to create engaging conversations for brands. The company is built on the belief that great brands equal great conversations.

"It is one thing to have a page online and quite another to be on the same page with one's consumers," Seth claims, adding that today, most Facebook pages are merely broadcast-driven and ThisContent aspires to take it to the "domain of dialogue".

Currently, Seth, who is the sole owner of this venture, has brought on board two professionals and is in the process of finalising three more appointments. While he maintains that the names of these members are confidential at this point, he aspires to create a constellation consultancy, wherein some of the finest names in Indian writing can come aboard.

While Seth is currently in conversation with some clients, he says that it is premature to disclose their names.

ThisContent is headquartered in Delhi, though its location barely seems to matter to the proud owner. "It is a virtual company since it operates in the virtual space," says Seth. Staying loyal to the purpose of his company, Seth adds, "Conversations need forces, not sources. As someone famously said, 'Geography is now history', but yes, physically, the company is based in Delhi."

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