Aakriti Shrivastava

Godrej Expert: A Tribute to Fathers

Godrej Expert has released a digital campaign on Father's Day on the premise that 'Heroes Never Age'.

Godrej Expert, the hair colour brand, has launched a campaign on the occasion of Father's Day. The campaign will be carried out only on digital media, with high incorporation of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp for promotions. The creatives of the campaign have been conceptualised by Creativeland Asia.

Godrej Expert: A Tribute to Fathers
Godrej Expert: A Tribute to Fathers
Godrej Expert: A Tribute to Fathers
The video, which was released on June 18, showcases children's memories with their fathers, from childhood to adulthood, and the 'heroic' greatness that fathers have displayed, all these years. It tries to evoke nostalgia and build connect with the young. The video, which has a play time of two minutes and 36 seconds, portrays dads as saviours for their children. In the end, the brand tries to generate a connect by saying, 'Heroes Never Age', and the product is introduced.

Speaking about the campaign, Sunil Kataria, business head, India and SAARC, Godrej, says, "This campaign is intended to strike a chord with the younger generation and make them share this video with their fathers."

Kataria feels that the ad will appeal to all. "The moments and situations shown in the video are easy to connect with and are extremely emotional. The central thought of 'My Father is my First Hero & Heroes Never Age' is woven seamlessly with the key brand benefit," he says.

The campaign, slated to end on June 22, a day after Father's Day, targets all Indians over 20 years of age. The brand will also host a contest, and the person with the best personalised message to his/her father will win a trip to an Indian destination.

Anu Joseph, executive creative director, Creativeland Asia, says, "The client had mentioned one thing very clearly - "the film should move us." And they had the magnanimity to let the brand stay away from the centre of attention." He adds that it's not an ad, but a tribute to fathers. "This is a space where, unlike a mother-child relationship, not a lot is usually said. But, the emotions run really deep," he explains.


Godrej Expert: A Tribute to Fathers
Godrej Expert: A Tribute to Fathers
Shouvik Roy, director, Elephant Designs, likes the creative of the ad. He says, "It's cinematic and brings out quite a few moments which many people will connect to. The narration is also done well."

However, he finds the brand connect missing. "Heroes aren't supposed to be young forever; youth is not equal to heroic. I wouldn't have tried to build a connect with the hair colour at all, but just wished 'Happy Father's Day' in the end," he opines.

Kartik Mani, founder and chief insurgent, Merry Men creative communications agency, also finds himself connecting with some moments from the ad "both as a kid who anxiously looked out of the window for his dad, and also as a father now." However, Mani feels that the execution was too ad-like. "I would have gone with a more real, home-video-like feel, especially since it's for the online space which is all about authenticity," he shares.

He goes on to add that the connect between the product and the idea is tenous. "The line 'Heroes Never Age' comes out of nowhere and seems like a feeble attempt to connect it back to the category. I also believe the brand has lost an opportunity to maximise the idea in digital, leaving it at just a film and a hashtag," he comments.