Aakriti Shrivastava

Blush urges women to 'free the breasts'

On the eve of international 'No Bra Day', online content creator Blush executed a campaign called #BinBraDin to create awareness about breast cancer.

The video by content creator Blush may seem titillating at first, but soon it conveys its message bold and clear. The video, released in the wake of 'No Bra Day', celebrated internationally on October 13, opens with women sliding down their bra straps to create awareness against breast cancer and the ill-effects of wearing bras for prolonged periods. The #BinBraDin campaign asks women to be informed about breast cancer.

Blush, a part of Culture Machine - a media company for the 'internet generation' owned by Aleph PTE Group - primarily creates fashion and lifestyle content.

Blush urges women to 'free the breasts'
The campaign shows women unhooking their bras to relieve their breasts. We later see them destroying this piece of clothing by cutting, burning and tearing it apart, in an initiative against breast cancer - a reason for rebellion.

The #BinBraDin campaign, a desi twist to the international 'No Bra Day', primarily targets women in the age group of 16-25 years. This video also marks a change in the positioning of Blush from being a beauty and DIY channel to a wider, lifestyle content creator.

Women's bodies and lingerie have been tabooed topics in our country and hence conversations around these have been zilch, even in personal circles. In recent times, however, we have seen lingerie in the spotlight, especially on digital platforms, with bold campaigns by brands such as Zivame, Fab Alley, Clovia and Lovable.

Blush urges women to 'free the breasts'
Speaking on the relevance of digital for the campaign, Akanksha Seda, channel director, Culture Machine, says, "Only digital allows for such ideas because of the internet emancipation in the country, and the way it involves the audience who is not just a receiver to the content, but a participant in the conversation."

She adds that certain words are viewed in a very different light in India. She explains, "If people hear the words breasts, bras, vagina or anything on these lines, they think of sex. We needed to start a conversation and try changing these perceptions, because these are body parts and the issue is about health."

To leverage the occasion of 'No Bra Day', the channel has incorporated these keywords in its promotions to land viewers to their content. The campaign was promoted on social media through the channel's social media base and presence. A teaser was released before the final video, along with other supporting content in the form of stills and graphics.

While the company claims to have had a total social media outreach of 60,000 through various platforms, the #BinBraDin video has garnered a little over 3,000 views on YouTube. The hashtag has been retweeted a few times on Twitter.

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