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SoCheers' 'Agent M' reveals the truth about digital agencies in this hilarious spoof

Titled #WeAreForReal, the video gives a peek into the grind that ensues when a digital agency makes an ad film.

Advertisers, today, are trying to adopt every unique idea in the book to grab a share of the viewer's attention, which is getting increasingly shorter.

But, what really goes into making a commercial ad film for a brand's intended target audience and how to hit the bull's eye with precision, remains an arduous task for many out there. Taking inspiration from a similar thought, the digital media agency SoCheers has rolled out its new television commercial (TVC) #WeAreForReal.

SoCheers' 'Agent M' reveals the truth about digital agencies in this hilarious spoof

The two-and-a-half minute long hilarious spoof follows a comical storyline of an agency (depicted as an investigative intelligence bureau), in the process of shooting a video where a SoCheers employee (called 'Agent M'), is shown facing the camera, dressed in his secret agent tuxedo (with colourful shorts underneath) trying to shoot a monologue about the top-notch digital agency he works at, but failing miserably as he fumbles and has his boss come and correct his lines.

SoCheers' 'Agent M' reveals the truth about digital agencies in this hilarious spoof

The commercial has been developed by SoCheers Infotech and was shot by the production house Once upon a Film. Arjun Chandrakar has directed it while Shalini Poddar is the producer.

The campaign positions SoCheers employees as secret agents, who save the digital world with every client call they make and with every creative they post.

A brief note on SoCheers' YouTube channel reads thus:

A digital media agency wanted to make a commercial to showcase what it does. But, as in every agency, things didn't quite go as per plan. Here's a peek into what went on behind the scenes at the shoot. Psst... Everything was planned.

"It's meant to be a spoof on other companies which try and showcase everything good about the company with employee testimonials, but this video gives an insight into what usually happens before the final product is out,” says the agency in a press release.

SoCheers' 'Agent M' reveals the truth about digital agencies in this hilarious spoof

Speaking about the commercial, Mehul Gupta, co-founder, SoCheers Infotech, says, "We are at the cusp of a significant transformation, having witnessed tremendous growth in the past year on both the business and the employee front. We wanted to take this opportunity to showcase how different we actually are from other companies out there and how we believe in being professional and playful at the same time. That's what SoCheers' identity has been over the last couple of years and it's important to showcase that to attract potential clients and more importantly, employees. The TVC showcases that our people are the heart of our business, reflecting a strong people culture which will help attract top talent from across the country.”

Jitendra Hirawat and Tushar are the actors, while Riya Talreja and Sonali Sampa have written the script. The concept belongs to SoCheers Infotech.

SoCheers is a full-fledged digital marketing agency in Mumbai founded by Gupta and Siddharth Devnani in 2013. It handles businesses across India, Singapore, Dubai, London, and the US.

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