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You can interview Mallika Dua through Idea's video chat bot...

This is part of Mindshare and Idea's new 4G campaign #IndiaKaLiveNetwork.

Mindshare, a full-service media agency and part of GroupM, launched an interactive campaign with Mallika Dua, as part of Idea 4G #IndiaKaLiveNetwork initiative. The campaign is an attempt to bring alive the experience of video calling with a celebrity in real time. Building on the brand’s tagline of ‘India Ka Live Network’, Idea 4G Live leveraged the power of video calls in an attempt to create awareness about common misdoings of people and encourage them to change their behaviour.

Mindshare and Idea 4G unveiled a distinctive voice-enabled Artificial Intelligence (AI) led interactive video chat bot ad campaign that enabled millions of users to interview Mallika Dua. This was co-created by mCanvas, the experiential storytelling ad platform for small screens. The tool allows users to interact with Mallika, and ask her questions ranging from personal trivia to the benefits of Idea 4G network and the power of live videos by simply tapping on the mic icon.

You can interview Mallika Dua through Idea's video chat bot...

Trending questions are also prompted at the bottom of the screen which the user can scroll through and ask Mallika. The innovation is done through live media banners placed on popular websites, which can be accessed through mobile phone browsers.

The experience is designed to be seamless and resemble a live video call with the user's own face seen on the screen. This experience can last for as long as the user has questions to ask and also allows users to ‘Get Idea’ in just a few clicks.

You can interview Mallika Dua through Idea's video chat bot...
Sunita Bangard

“The Idea 4G #IndiaKaLiveNetwork campaign highlighted the power of streaming LIVE videos over Idea’s robust 4G network thereby driving a positive change in behaviour among citizens. In its endeavour to engage with the digital natives, Brand Idea has always tried digital first initiatives for our ATL campaigns, many of which have been appreciated and rewarded at various digital forums. Our innovative AI and ML aided campaign has set new benchmarks in digital advertising,” says Sunita Bangard, President Marketing Vodafone Idea.

The innovation uses AI where the ad creative listens to user questions in English and Hindi, and uses Machine Learning (ML) to analyse all the questions asked by previous users and increase accuracy of the responses. For example, if a user asks a question in Hinglish, the AI detects that it contains English and Hindi. Next, the ML helps accurately assign a relevant answer to that question.

The campaign is live on several media and news websites and has already seen engagement from over 7.2 million users. Interactions with this creative have also been found to last for an average of 22 seconds, with some users spending over 10 minutes.

“With the video-chat bot ad we have come together to create a first-of-its kind innovation on an effective platform. By leveraging on Mallika Dua’s popularity, and Idea’s 4G network, we are hopeful of bringing about a change in people’s behaviour, and habits, as well as encourage more people to go Live to highlight societal issues,” Niraj Ruparel, national head - mobile, Mindshare India.

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