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Amazon is testing miniTV on Prime Video

Ad-supported miniTV content can be viewed on Prime Video app, and desktop too.

Amazon has begun streaming ad supported mini TV content on both desktops and fire TV. Within the next couple of weeks Prime Video subscribers will start seeing an “ad-supported” content carousel which will host mini TV content. 

Pratik Udeshi, Head -Agency and Video, Amazon Ads, listed the merits of video ads on the Amazon platform at a masterclass on Day 2 of Goafest 2023. On the sidelines of the event he noted that the e-commerce gaint is already beta testing miniTV on the paid video streaming platform. The full roll out is expected soon.

Making miniTV content available to users beyond the shopping app will expand the total audience of such content and eventually broaden the reach of advertising-supported content curated by Amazon.

Udeshi also laid out the best practices to leverage the advertising-based video on demand (aVOD) content, and discussed how the medium can open brands up to a more refined cohort of financially capable audiences. 

Speaking about the consumers of Amazon miniTV, Udeshi revealed that 70% of the platform’s users are less than 35 years in age, with 60% of them based out of the top 20 cities of the country. 

Among the ways of brand promotions, he mentioned that the advertisers have the ability to introduce new launches, brand extensions, premium product promotions, all of which is brought about by instream solutions. Besides this, the avenue also enables brands to place their display pages or links to brand stores. 

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