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Deinfluencer 'Foodpharmer' now goes after the high sugar content in Maggi and Kissan Ketchup

After highlighting the high sugar content in the ketchup brands, he suggests healtheir alternatives taking on the avatar of an influencer. 

Revant Himatsingka, popularly known as the Foodpharmer, who recently landed himself in legal trouble with Bournvita after a video he put out about their product, has come out with a new video. With the video, he points out side effects of commonly used condiment tomato ketchup. In his new video, he focuses on tomato ketchup from Kissan and Maggi.

Analysing the packaging of the Kissan's Fresh Tomato ketchup, Himatsingka says that while the packaging of the product implies that the ketchup uses fresh tomatoes, it is not the true composition of the product. At the back of the packaging, there's a message that says Fresh Tomato is only a brand name/ trade mark and does not represent its true nature.

He says that ketchup manufacturing companies have want to promote the condiment as a product you can use regularly. He shows older ads for Kissan and Maggi Ketchups to illustrate this point.

"Just like every product, they want you to use this with everything. In its ads, the brand expands on this, saying how it can be used with sabzis, rotis, ," he observes.

While brands are promoting ketchup in this manner, the products are high on sugar content. Himatsingka says that for every 15 grams, the product contains 1 gram of sugar. This can add up with regular consumption, which is promoted by the brands.

The influencer also adds that consumers should use these products only in moderation, if they want to continue using them. At the end of the video, Himatsingka gave a shout out to some brands who are offering healthier alternatives in the ketchup segment, which is dominated by the brands' whose offering he showed in the video.

"Healthier and slightly pricey alternatives (not sponsored) : 1) Orchard Lane 2) Zama Organics," he recommended.

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