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Disney+ Hotstar to enhance 'cricketainment' experience ahead of World Cup 2023

The platform recently added MaxView – a technological innovation that allows cricket fans to watch the game in 9X14 portrait view.

Disney+ Hotstar is set to boost the cricketainment experience for its mobile users with an array of comprehensive upgrades for the upcoming ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. From an enhanced live feed to a finely-tuned data-saving video streaming experience and AI based video clarity enhancements, the platform is committed to providing an uninterrupted cricket-watching experience to its users for ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. The platform, in collaboration with International Cricket Council (ICC), also recently added MaxView – a technological innovation that will allow cricket fans to watch the game in vertical mode (9X14 portrait view).

“Disney+ Hotstar has pioneered the market in providing unmatched live sports experiences. Our progression is deeply influenced by fan behaviour, and we continuously adapt by introducing technological innovations to enhance the viewing experience, especially for users on the go. Our dedicated efforts have been channeled into building a robust product infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted viewing even amidst the anticipated high user volume,” said Sajith Sivanandan -  head, Disney+ Hotstar.

Key features available for ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 include:

MaxView for non-stop cricketing action on the move

Disney+ Hotstar in collaboration with the ICC, is presenting users with the option to stream their matches on the go in vertical mode. This feature facilitates a one-handed viewing experience, aligning with the way most users consume content. MaxView will be a brand new, bespoke opt-in feature. Other surrounding features, such as the Live feed tab, Scorecard tab, will also be made available in vertical mode, along with vertical ad formats.

Designed specifically for mobile phone consumption, the ICC TV-produced feed reimagines how live cricket can be delivered in a vertical format. Some production techniques adopted include single player frames (which bring the user closer to their favourite player) and split view (providing unique perspectives on the same screen). The graphics used for this format are also designed to enable bespoke narrative storytelling made exclusively tailored to vertical video. 

Optimised data saving for quality streaming

Understanding the sensitivities around data consumption, Disney+ Hotstar has optimised its video delivery to ensure high-quality streaming with minimal data usage. This improvement ensures that all users can enjoy the excitement of live cricket without worrying about excessive data charges.

AI Based video clarity enhancements

Disney+ Hotstar is also focussed on providing an uninterrupted and smooth cricket watching experience to enhance user experience. Being introduced especially for the World Cup, the platform will have a new filter at the backend that will improve the viewing experience for our users on their mobile devices in the event that there are hazy weather conditions on the ground.

Always-On cricket scorecard ill for uninterrupted action

This feature allows users to keep track of live cricketing action while enjoying other content on the platform and to be kept up-to-date when an important event happens in the game. Whether in portrait or landscape mode, viewers will never miss a moment of the game with a one-tap switch to the live cricket game at the fingertips.

Live feed tab for a deeper understanding

A unique cricket commentator experience by enhancing viewers' understanding and enjoyment of the game. Integrated with contextual information such as player stats and match updates, this feature provides an in-depth view of the action unfolding on the field.

Seamless content discovery

Disney+ Hotstar is also introducing a new content discovery feature called the Coming Soon tray. This feature allows users to set reminders for upcoming content. Furthermore, the platform will segregate free and paid content in separate trays by providing Free Callouts on the homepage trays, making content discovery easier for free users.

During ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, the platform will also introduce “free badges” which will help the non-subscribed customers to easily discover and enjoy tons of content available to them for free along with some newer tray formats.

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