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Google AdSense to adopt impression-based payments from 2024

The company has updated its Google AdSense revenue share structure, providing uniform monetisation options for publishers.

Google has announced two new changes: updating AdSense’s revenue-share structure and moving to paying publishers by impression. The updates will offer publishers a uniform method to evaluate fees across diverse monetization technologies, enhancing transparency in the media-buying process. 

AdSense has always been transparent about the fees they charge, aligning with industry standards. Publishers using AdSense get to keep 68% of the earnings.

Previously, the fees was handled in one transaction. Now, AdSense is dividing the revenue share into distinct rates for both the buy-side and sell-side. For displaying ads, publishers get 80% of the revenue after the platform's fee, whether it's Google or a third-party. For example, with Google Ads, around 15% is retained. The overall share for publishers remains the same, that is about 68%.

An example to show the updated revenue structure
An example to show the updated revenue structure
Source- Google

When third-party platforms are used to display ads, publishers keep 80% after the third-party has taken their fee and AdSense has no role in overseeing these charges. This way, it is enhancing transparency and fairness in the process.

Secondly, AdSense will now pay per impression, starting from 2024. This will not influence the type or quantity of ads publishers display on their websites. It will ensure a consistent payment method for publishers across Google's products and third-party platforms, enabling easy comparison with other technology providers they employ.

Google has stated that there will be no change in the earnings of the publishers.

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