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JioCinema hosts event with advertisers for IPL 2024

The event highlighted IPL 2024's potential and why digital platforms are ideal for showcasing it.

Rebooting for a new season of IPL, JioCinema hosted a roadshow event for advertisers and partners that brought the power and potential of live sports on digital back into focus and showcased the expanse of the platform’s offerings in the coming season. The event witnessed participation from some of India’s leading advertisers who discussed India’s paradigm shift towards digital and its implications on advertising in live sports. 

JioCinema anchor Anant Tyagi helped unfold an engaging session with brands such as Blackberrys and Mobikwik who shared a firsthand account of the transformative impact that IPL on JioCinema had on their respective businesses last season.

The event also opened up conversations on the sharp rise in the adoption of Connected TV over the past year and how brands are making the most of it. Participants at the roadshow discussed how cricket on streaming platforms transcends demographics and enables unprecedented scale, thus making it sharper and more effective than traditional genres. 

All conversations at the event threw the spotlight on the scope and scale of IPL 2024 and what makes digital the right medium for this spectacle.

Anup Govindan, head of revenue, Viacom18, said, “With the first edition of IPL on JioCinema, we revolutionised the market by streaming the league for free, and also set an industry trend where competition followed suit while streaming other marquee tournaments."

“We are set to witness another staggering season of IPL on digital and hit 600-650 million viewers. The explosive growth of CTV and handheld devices will make it an inevitable phenomenon. This truly democratises the opportunity for brands across the board to connect with their audiences through sharper targeting and in turn grow their businesses exponentially", he added.

JioCinema offered T20 league last season in 12 languages and 17 feeds for free. It is now set for an encore with IPL 2024.

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