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LS Digital’s vision for digital marketing and big plans for 2024

A deep dive into the company’s recent expansions, acquisitions and goals.

LS Digital has been on an expansion and acquisition spree since the past few years. From acquiring Social Panga, F1 Studioz and Langoor to expanding in markets like the UK. The last few years have been quite exciting for the digital company. The agency ranked 18th in the afaqs! Top 50 Marketing agencies list and saw a 63.5% growth according to the list.

afaqs! caught up with Prasad Shejale- CEO and founder to understand the company’s long term vision and the roadmap ahead. 

Positioning of LS Digital

The company has expanded across UI/UX, CX and creative areas through various acquisitions. Shejale says they position these as collaborations rather than acquisitions because they have the same vision- Solving the bigger problem for marketers through digital.

Shejale says they position themselves as a digital transformation company rather than a ‘digital marketing agency’ as the vision is to capture a number of white spaces that exist between technology and marketing. 

"There is a huge demand for services like ours."

 “The consumer is present at various digital touchpoints. What’s important is to use digital to help him traverse through this journey quicker. You have to create the funnel and use your ability as a marketer to push it into the next stage with whatever is available.”

“There is a huge demand for services like ours. Marketers need to realise that you cannot solve all your problems by making a TVC or spending on media. Brands have to verbalise the problem. This is exactly the white space we are capturing,” he adds.

“There's a humongous need in the middle who not only understands all the aspects of digital transformation but also enables them in marketing. That's the space that we are taking,” states Shejale.

Goals and vision

The company that has recently tapped into the UK market has seen great success in the MEA (Middle East and Africa) market. They also plan to open offices in the U.S soon. Shejale says that the next year will focus on strengthening the collaboration between the companies as well as educating the industry about their DMT (Digital Marketing Transformation​) approach. 

"Where we are unique is in our ability to put systems and processes in a subtle way to deliver the projects properly."

The company is also planning on releasing its IPO in the next 18-24 months. Shejale says that all of the group’s companies have seen a 70% growth in 2023 which puts them in a great position. As per him, the goal is to make this India-based agency into a 10 billion-dollar global giant. 

“ Where we are unique is in our ability to put systems and processes in a subtle way to deliver the projects properly. We have a blend of what systems integrators and pure-play creative agencies have. Blend it together, we are unstoppable,” says Shejale. 

“No Indian brand has gone global in this space before. Most of the Indian agencies that do enter international markets, exit them after selling to the top five agencies. We are challenging that status quo,” he states.

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