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Meta launches ambitious creator campaign ahead of ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023

The brand has handpicked 50 creators to deliver behind-the-scenes content to cricket fans globally across Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp & Threads.

Meta unveils the creator campaign for ICC tournament. As a part of their digital content rights partnership with ICC, they are going to partner with more than 500 creators.

At the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, the brand has handpicked 50 unique creators to deliver behind-the-scenes content to cricket fans globally, on its platforms – Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Threads.

One of the creator interventions will be ‘Super 50’. This is a group of 50 creators, who, through this 50 overs tournament, will cover the 48 matches in their own way. This means access to the field pre- and post-match, to commentators, to ambassadors, pre-match day ground access and more. The creators are from across India and every match will have a creator in attendance, covering it in their city and language.

“Cricket, and especially the World Cup, gets India’s love and attention. To give fans unprecedented access to matches, and give creators a chance to be discovered nationally, we’ve kicked off one of our largest creator campaigns for any sporting event to date. We’re glad to work with ICC on this, and to have their support in unlocking the many social and fan experiences on our platforms. At the scale of this campaign, we are hoping this revolutionises the way cricket fans engage with the sport.” – Paras Sharma, director and head of content and community partnerships, Meta, India.

“The ICC is always looking for ways to reach new fans, and Meta’s platforms are a fantastic way to do that. It has been great to work with Meta on this project, to find unique and creative ways to bring the sport we all love to even more people across the world. We cannot wait to see the unique perspectives these creators will bring to the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup and help make it the greatest cricket event ever.” – Finn Bradshaw, ICC head of digital.

Apart from ‘Super 50’, where creators have exclusive access to various opportunities, there will be other creators attending matches and sharing their experience with their audiences. This will be shared across their Reels, WhatsApp Channels, Instagram Broadcast Channels and Threads.

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