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Ministry of Information and Broadcasting unveils Digital Ad policy for enhanced outreach

The policy will enable Central Bureau of Communication (CBC) to empanel agencies and organisations in the OTT and VOD space.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has approved a "Digital Advertisement Policy, 2023" to empower the Central Bureau of Communication (CBC), the advertising wing of the government, in promoting government campaigns in the digital media space. With this, the government can disseminate information about their various schemes and policies in the evolving media landscape and increased digitalisation of media consumption.

The policy enables CBC to empanel agencies and organisations in the OTT and Video on Demand Space, leverage digital platforms, streamline empanelment of internet websites, and channelise public service campaigns through mobile applications. The policy allows CBC to on board New and Innovative Communication Platforms in the digital space with the approval of a duly constituted committee.

In response to the growing digital audience, the policy facilitates effective delivery of citizen-centric messages, resulting in cost efficiencies. With the government's Digital India program contributing to increased internet penetration (over 880 million) and telecom subscribers (over 1172 million), the policy ensures transparency through competitive bidding for rate discovery. The rates discovered will remain valid for three years and be applicable to all eligible agencies.

The Digital Advertisement Policy, 2023, aligns with the government's efforts to enhance digital outreach, supplementing ministries' and departments' social media efforts to improve information dissemination to citizens. The CBC, operating under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, remains committed to adapting to the changing media landscape and embracing new technologies for effective communication.

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