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Netflix cracks down on password sharing

Users will have to pay extra for members outside a Netflix household.

Netflix has started the crackdown on password sharing in the UK and US. One will soon have to pay extra if a member outside a Netflix household is using your account.

In the US, with a standard Netflix plan, that costs $15.49 per month you have the option of adding one 'extra' member outside your household for $7.99 extra each month. Meanwhile, Netflix Premium subscribers can add up to two members at $7.99 per user. Users with the basic plan don’t have the option to add extra members to their account.

In the UK, users will have to pay € 4.99 each month for adding extra members to their Netflix plans.

Although Netflix was quiet supportive of password sharing a few years ago, the company realised its losing millions of potential subscribers with the practice. In 2022, the streaming giant announced that more that 100 million households were getting Netflix through password sharing.

The crackdown also began in 2022 and the company has tested password sharing experiments in countries like Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain etc.

Netflix has also announced it will be introducing ad supported plans to pull in new users while monetising their content through ads. In India, the company has been experimenting with a number of newer subscription plans and is also focused on extending its ad-supported plan in the country to grow its subscriber base. 

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