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Nora Fatehi exposes the brand's use of deepfake in a promotional advertisement: Report

Concerns over the legitimacy of other promotional content involving the actor are raised by the brand's frequent ads.

Using her Instagram Stories, Nora Fatehi called out a brand for using a deepfake image of her in one of their promotional ads on social media. The company has not officially addressed the accusations, but it had been advertising an end-of-season discount, as reported by The Statesman.

The message included a picture and a video of a woman who looked a lot like herself. The woman wore an off-the-shoulder velvet dress and a stack of gold jewelry on her wrists, giving off the same look and vibes as the actor.

The promotional material advertised a 60% + 40% off during the sale, and the video that went along with it featured the woman promoting the discounts and declaring the start of the sale. Her ability to emulate the voice and demeanor of Nora Fatehi was startling.

The brand has not yet taken down the contentious commercial from its sites, even after the actor publicly criticised it. The fact that all of the brand's posts lack comments just serves to heighten the mystery.

Advertisements featuring Nora Fatehi have been used by the brand before. This calls for the question of whether other promotional materials featuring the actor are real. The brand's silence has left fans and followers waiting for an explanation.

Recently, Alia Bhatt, Rashmika Mandanna, and Sachin Tendulkar have all experienced the same.

Expressing her disapproval, Nora Fatehi shared the post on her Instagram story along with a message, “Shocked! THIS IS NOT ME” accompanied by a ‘FAKE’ sticker.

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