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Spotify relaunches podcast creator programs in India

The platform has also launched two programs to fuel the podcast creator ecosystem in India.

Spotify is reintroducing its podcast creator programs to support both existing creators and newcomers in the podcasting world.

Since the introduction of podcasts on Spotify in India over four years ago, the medium has gained popularity among listeners, with one in four music listeners on the platform also tuning into podcasts. In particular, Gen Z listeners have embraced podcasts, with nearly two-thirds of 18-24 year-olds in India listening to podcasts weekly.

To foster the growing podcast ecosystem, Spotify has launched two programs:

  1. Managed Partner Program: This program supports existing podcasters on the platform by providing education, partner management support, and editorial promotion to help them expand their listener base. In a previous edition of this program, over 40 creators across various genres and languages, including Hindi, Tamil, and English, participated. Horror shows saw a 113% growth in listeners and 60% growth in consumption, while education podcasts saw a 29% growth in listeners and a 49% growth in consumption.

  2. PodStart: PodStart focuses on creators who are new to podcasting on Spotify. The program is divided into two phases: the first phase involves onboarding creators from social media platforms onto Spotify, while the second phase empowers experts in various fields to create podcasts on Spotify, leveraging their authority and experience to build a dedicated listener base.

“Podcasting has grown rapidly in India over the last few years. Spotify’s focus is to grow the podcast ecosystem and enable creators, publishers, content owners, media houses, and advertisers to participate in this growth. We have two primary podcast creator programs – PodStart, to on-board new podcast creators, and the Managed Creator Program that works with established podcasters to elevate them to the next level.

On the platform, we continue to deploy a large number of features and functionality to enable podcast discovery and growth. We are also focussed on building the podcast listening habit through on-platform promotions, marketing, and communications initiatives,” said Dhruvank Vaidya, head of podcasts, Spotify India.

In the spirit of supporting and celebrating the podcasting community, Spotify recently hosted the fourth edition of Spotify Podcasters’ Day for the first time in Delhi. The event brought together existing and aspiring podcasters and storytellers from across the country, and featured key notes by Amarjit Batra, GM, SAMEA & MD, India, Spotify, Dhruvank Vaidya, Head of Podcasts, Spotify India, a panel featuring Leeza Mangaldas, Aryaan Misra, Durga Raghunath, and Ankur Warikoo, and a fireside chat with Rajkummar Rao.

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