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YouTube slowdowns videos for users using ad blockers

Users have observed a sudden decline in the platform's responsiveness and performance when using ad blockers.

YouTube is increasingly implementing slowdowns for users employing ad blockers.

As a response to the growing prevalence of ads on YouTube, many users have turned to ad blockers over the years. However, YouTube considers this practice as a violation of its terms of service. To cater to users seeking an ad-free experience, the platform provides a paid premium service, contributing substantially to its revenue stream.

YouTube is taking steps to discourage the use of ad blockers through two distinct methods. Firstly, a pop-up message asserts, "Ad blockers violate YouTube’s Terms of Service," prompting users to disable their ad blockers before continuing to watch. Secondly, a new approach is being introduced, where YouTube intentionally slows down the entire site, labelling the experience as "suboptimal viewing" when an ad blocker is detected.

Some users on Reddit indicate that they have observed a sudden decline in YouTube's responsiveness and performance while using ad blockers. This was first reported by 9to5Google. Upon investigation, it is revealed that promptly disabling the ad blocker restores the site's functionality.

afaqs! tested it further and it seems that YouTube is employing this strategy as a deterrent against users using ad blockers. This tactic simulates a lacking or slow down internet connection, with an artificial timeout in its code, causing performance issues and buffering. It leads to stalled video loading, unresponsive previews, and difficulty in switching to full-screen mode.

YouTube is making it challenging for ad blocker users. They'll have to disable ad blockers and watch ads or opt for an ad-free experience through the premium subscription. The regular monthly plan is priced at Rs 129 and a family plan costs Rs 189 per month, enabling up to five members to share a single account.

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