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Zomato will share its delivery data on 'Zomato Food Trends'

The company's new open platform will share insights from transactions made on its platform across India.

Food delivery company Zomato introduces a new platform, 'Zomato Food Trends'. It will provide insights on transactions made across India on Zomato. In a social media post, the company says that the new platform can act as a centralised and dependable resource for restaurants active on its platform.

Using Zomato Food Trends will be free no cost. It will provide restaurants an access to Zomato’s supply-demand trends across India. They can use the insights on food trends to make decisions on deciding their menus and prices for the locality they are operating in.

A search about any particular dish or cuisine on the platform displays highest order volume in a given time period and the percentage of total orders in a price range. Further, it also lists regions in the country on the basis of demand and supply for the dish on a scale of 0 to 100.

A demand number of 100 indicates a region with the largest order volume for the specified dish. For supply, a 100 is for a region with the greatest number of restaurants serving a particular dish or cuisine.

Restaurants can now make data-driven decisions based on customer preferences and behavior in their area to optimise business.

"Be it the location to launch new restaurants, setting optimal menu prices, or identifying trending cuisines and dishes, Zomato Food Trends can be leveraged by the restaurant partners to make informed decisions," the company says in an announcement.

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