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11 strategies to grow one’s following on Threads

Embrace the power of Threads, but don’t forget Twitter, says our guest author.

Threads, the micro-blogging platform by Meta, reached an impressive milestone of 100 million users in just four days.

Billionaires, pop stars, politicians and celebrities have already joined the platform. It has gained popularity, attracting prominent figures such as Bill Gates, the Dalai Lama, Oprah Winfrey and Jeff Bezos.

In addition, large corporate brands like Netflix, Microsoft, McDonald’s and the National Basketball Association (NBA) have also signed up.

Closer to home, public figures, including Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar, have joined the platform. 

Here are 11 tips to help you thrive on Threads:

Repurpose your content: Give your existing brand content from Twitter and Instagram, a fresh spin on Threads, while maintaining consistency.

Launch in style: If you are yet to launch on Threads or have already launched, but don’t have much traction, enter with a bang. Some creative examples to inspire you:

11 strategies to grow one’s following on Threads
11 strategies to grow one’s following on Threads

Top multimedia: Showcase your brand’s versatility by sprinkling in some of your best photo and video content from other networks onto Threads. Use creative tools like stickers, filters and captions, to make your content engaging and visually appealing.

11 strategies to grow one’s following on Threads

(We used the same post as image for two different kinds of video and one of them way outperformed the others.)

Use multimedia and experiment.

Test, learn and experiment: Try out different types of content during the test-and-learn phase. Mix in your top-performing photos and engaging videos to keep your audience interested.

Maximise engagement, while being focussed on your niche: Engage with your audience by responding promptly, joining conversations and showing genuine interest in their interests. Also, if you focus on your niche from the beginning, you can establish your influence on a new platform. Niche content will always attract a dedicated audience looking for that particular type of content.

Add a personal touch: Share behind-the-scenes glimpses, success stories or user-generated content to connect with your audience. Encourage them to share their experiences or testimonials within the Threads platform.

That’s Krissy Cela a prominent fitness influencer and entrepreneur from UK. Her Instagram is full of fitness routines, but Threads is more behind the scene-a diary of ‘what it takes’, thus giving her audience both options.

11 strategies to grow one’s following on Threads

Never buy followers: Focus on building an organic audience that adds value to your brand. Avoid unethical practices that may harm your reputation.

Beware of all these. The last thing you want is that your Instagram account also gets banned because of such practices.

Optimise your profile: Ensure that your profile bio is complete, concise and accurately represents your brand. Include a clear call to action to encourage engagement.

Audience happiness matters: Understand that users won’t abandon their favourite social network, unless they’re dissatisfied. So, focus on providing value that keeps them engaged and happy on Threads.

Keep it concise: The character limit is 500, but that doesn’t mean we need to use the entire one. Keep it concise initially. Once you develop a following, then get into longer Threads.

11 strategies to grow one’s following on Threads

That’s the world’s richest person (Jeff Bezos) ‘keeping it real and concise’. You don’t need to ask for hangover cures, but you also don’t need to bombard users.

Collaborate with others: Invite influencers or industry experts to join your Threads group for direct engagement with your audience. This collaboration can help you reach a wider audience and expand your network.

Remember, folks, embrace the power of Threads! But don’t forget Twitter. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t.

Leverage the unique features of Threads, while remaining true to your brand identity across platforms. Adaptation is crucial in this constantly evolving digital landscape!

(Our guest author is Saurabh Parmar, fractional CMO & experienced trainer.)

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