Shashwat Das
Guest Article

Crafting a seriously unforgettable visual identity

Our guest author explores the misconception that branding is merely about logos and dives into the elements that create a lasting visual identity.

We receive a lot of calls from startups asking if we could help them with branding. However, a closer look reveals a common misconception - many equate branding or visual identity solely with a logo. It's like ordering a single dish at a buffet – there's so much more to savour!

In the thrilling world of branding, where colours mingle, fonts flirt, and icons party, logos are like VIPs. But, the party doesn't end there. Let me take you on a wild ride through the branding jungle, where we don't just make logos; we create love affairs with brands.

The power of colour

Alright, imagine this – colours aren't just hanging around to look pretty. They're the mood-setters of the brand world. Blue says, "Trust me," and red shouts, "Feel the energy, baby!" Keeping your colour game strong across the brand universe is the secret sauce that ensures people won't forget you. It's like having your own theme song everywhere you go. Think of brands like Tata, where the blue symbolises trust and reliability, or Zomato, whose red branding radiates energy and excitement.


Fonts are not just about picking something that looks cool. They're like a fashion choice for your brand. Modern, traditional, playful, sophisticated – you name it. It's the wardrobe that screams, "This is who we are," and it better be dressed in the same outfit for every occasion. Indigo Airlines utilises clean and modern typography that is consistently used across all communication and consumer touchpoints, making it an integral part of their brand recall.

Crafting a seriously unforgettable visual identity


Icons are the rockstars of branding. Ever seen a swoosh and not thought of sprinting? Exactly. They speak louder than words. They're the emojis of the business world, expressing a thousand emotions without saying a thing. An icon is like a wink – universally understood. PharmEasy's capsule icon is instantly recognisable and effectively communicates its focus on healthcare and pharmaceuticals.


Now, let's talk words. A brand without a voice is like a party without music. Taglines, mission statements, and clever wordplay – that's where the magic happens. It's the language your brand speaks. A brand should have a personality, and that personality needs to be as charming as a stand-up comedian at a cocktail party. Nike's "Just Do It" and Parle-G's "G for Genius" are prime examples of impactful messaging.


The tone is the charisma of your brand. Formal, casual, funny, or dead serious – it's not just what you say; it's how you say it. Consistency in tone is like having the same DJ at every event. You know what to expect, and you can groove to the rhythm without missing a beat. Paper Boat is a great example, with its nostalgic and warm tone that resonates through its storytelling and packaging.

Consistency is key

Imagine strolling into a room where every wall is a kaleidoscope of colours and styles. Total chaos, huh? That's the pandemonium your brand creates when it skips the consistency party. Be it a billboard or a social media post, maintaining a consistent look and feel is akin to having a trusty personal stylist for your brand. HDFC Bank’s consistent use of red and blue across all platforms reinforces trust and stability.

Adaptability in the digital age

In the age of screens and swipes, your brand needs to be a shape-shifter. From big screens to tiny ones, your identity should adapt like a chameleon at a fashion show. Being responsive and adaptable isn't an option; it's a survival skill. Uber’s adaptable branding across apps, websites, and physical advertising shows how flexibility keeps a brand relevant and accessible.

Building trust and recognition

Now, let's get real. Logos are like a first date – they make a quick impression. But trust? That's built over time. A brand that consistently delivers a visually appealing and emotionally resonant experience is like a friend who never lets you down. That's the kind of loyalty everyone desires.

We get it; logos are the headliner, but the whole show is what makes people come back for more. Colours, fonts, icons, words, and vibes – they all come together to create a brand that doesn't just make noise but leaves an everlasting melody in the hearts of consumers. Remember, a logo is the face, but the full visual identity is the brand's personality – and that's what makes them fall in love. Cheers to crafting visual identities that are as unforgettable as a classic meme!

(Our guest author is Shashwat Das, Founder of Almond Branding)

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