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Did Myfitness accidentally promote betting through its influencer marketing campaign?

In the video, fitness influencer Maanav Sukhija is seen making a bet on the outcome of an IPL match while eating Myfitness peanut butter.

A recent influencer collaboration involving Myfitness, a peanut butter brand under Mensa Brands, may have inadvertently promoted betting.

The collaboration featured fitness influencer Maanav Sukhija in a promotional campaign. The influencer, in a video posted on Instagram, engaged in a comparison between 'kids' and 'legends' playing cricket.

While 'kids' were shown playing cricket with a bat and ball, the influencer, depicted as a 'legend', was seen making a bet on the match's outcome while enjoying Myfitness peanut butter.

Notably, the video lacked a disclosure label indicating its commercial nature, contravening ASCI (Advertising Standards Council of India) guidelines.

ASCI mandates brands to disclose advertisements either in English or in the language of the advertisement itself. However, there has been a recent trend where brands opt to disclose collaboration posts rather than explicitly label them as advertisements.

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