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Foodpharmer's new video targets Maggi; recommends alternative instant noodle brands

Revant Himatsingka asks the company to not send a legal notice and, instead, puts forth a public debate challenge.

Revant Himatsingka, popularly known as 'Foodpharmer', is taking on Maggi Atta Noodles for claiming that atta noodles include fibre that's equivalent to three rotis.

In a video, Himatsingka is seen talking about nutritional labels. He mentions that a pack of noodles has just 3.5 gram of fibre. The government recommends at least 30 gm of fibre per day, which means that one needs to consume approximately eight packets of atta noodles.

Himatsingka shares that Maggi's claim is just a marketing gimmick. In the same video, he also states some false claims made by Britannia Cheese, and Kellogg's Chocos. 

Himatsingka also takes a dig at the green colour packaging of Maggi Atta Noodles. For consumers, the colour resembles nature, health and herbs.

Himatsingka also points out that Maggi masala, Wai Wai, Ching's and Yippee have maida, palm oil, acidity regulators, thickeners and flavour enhancers. He, instead, recommends noodles from brands like Naturally Yours and Slurrp Farms that are healthier in nature.

He also urges parents to not use Maggi masala. They're ditching Indian masalas for vegetables, which shouldn't be done, he adds.

Himatsingka asks the company to not send a legal notice, and throws in a public debate challenge. As this is the opinion of Foodpharmer, it should be considered as a product review/constructive criticism.

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