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Google India collaborates with influencers to promote its AI chatbot Bard

Shared with the hashtag ‘Bard Puns’ all the influencer videos highlight all the different use cases of the chatbot.

Need help planning your annual holiday? Or wondering how to DIY a cupboard? Or do you want to make a ‘chaatcuterie’ board for a soiree? Google Bard has it all sorted for you! That’s what Google India’s latest campaign for its conversational generative AI chatbot has to say.

After associating with actress Sobhita Dhulipala in January, the brand has once again collaborated with influencers to further highlight Bard’s different use cases. It has collaborated with standup comedian Shraddha, DIY artist Abhinav Yadav, travel influencer Sharanya Iyer and fashion influencer Sakshi Shivdasani to depict how Google Bard has a solution for everyone. 

Shraddha uses the chatbot to make her travel plans- perfectly aligned with her holiday calendar. Similarly, Iyer also uses it for planning her itinerary, including flight recommendations. Meanwhile, Yadav makes a DIY cupboard with a little help from Bard on how to papier mache and Shivdasani creates a perfect ‘chaatcuterie’ board for a soiree with her friends. 

Shared with the hashtag ‘Bard Puns’ all the influencer videos highlight all the different use cases of the chatbot. With puns like ‘Bard-y Planner’ and ‘Travel Bard-y’ the influencers have created humorous content. 

The influencer campaign is a continuation of Google India’s ad last month with Dhulipala. Created by the creative agency Talented and its sibling agency The New Thing, it was the first-ever ad communication from Bard for the Indian market. The chatbot doubled up as a sous chef for the actress as she baked cookies and as a gardening expert as she exercised her green thumb.

Google India collaborated with influencers in December 2023 as well to promote Bard. It was associated with Chef Saransh Goila, fashion influencer Krutika, travel influencers Shagun and Monkey Magic and gaming video creator Mithilesh Patankar. 

Google launched Bard on March 21, 2023, as it looked to pick up a majority stake in the AI race OpenAI had started with its ChatGPT offering. 

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