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Masoom Minawala and Schbang launch a talent management vertical, MMaximize

The agency will offer services like PR and image building, identifying diverse revenue streams, legal and financial support, invoicing and billing assistance, and content planning among others.

Schbang, the creative, media and technology transformation company, has launched a joint venture with global influencer Masoom Minawala called MMaximize. The talent management vertical brings together the personal and professional experience of Minawala with Schbang’s strategy, industry know-how, and business acumen.

The landscape of digital content creation has evolved significantly since its inception. Influencers now recognize the potential impact of their platforms, utilizing them to drive change, conduct workshops, and venture into big-budget production to accelerate their professional careers. According to the influencer marketing report, the industry is growing at a staggering rate of 25%, with a projected market value of Rs 2,200 crores by 2025. In this era of rapid growth, it has become increasingly vital for creators to establish their brands and maintain an integrated presence across multiple platforms.

Schbang MMaximize aims to provide a comprehensive and multifaceted approach for creators to develop their brands. The services offered include PR and image building, identifying diverse revenue streams, legal and financial support, invoicing and billing assistance, negotiating brand deals, and developing brand strategy and content planning.

In collaboration with Schbang, Masoom Minawalashe seeks to combine her experience and expertise with Schbang’s digital dominance and extensive network of over 300 brands. Having been associated with key Indian and global brands like Amazon, TATA Neu, H&M, Johnson & Johnson, Fevicol, Mattel and Jio, Schbang has been awarded LinkedIn's top startups in India in 2018, 2021, and 2022.

On the partnership, Masoom Minawala - Global Influencer, Entrepreneur and Investor, said, “The business of influencing has been a passion from the day I started creating content —the art of strategy, brand building, client servicing, cultivating relationships with brands to create multiple streams of revenue, all of it. While I've been fortunate to establish a solid framework for myself, there has always been a burning desire to extend this expertise to others in the industry.”

“That's how Schbang MMaximize was born—an amalgamation of my 12 years of experience & expertise and Schbang's digital reign, infrastructure, & access to over 300 brands” she continued.

Harshil Karia, founder, Schbang said, “For Schbang, this is an important strategic move. It brings us closer to creators and helps us leverage our efficient service standards, access to tech companies and clients to be able to deliver a market-beating service for Talent in India and beyond. It will also help the large client pool in Schbang give first opportunity to co-create IPs with many exciting creators and celebrities.”

“I could not think of anyone better than Masoom to partner with on this joint venture.” he continued.

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