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When MG Motors took design inspiration from the gaming community

The auto tech brand has partnered with gaming influencer ‘Mortal’ for the launch of ‘Comet EV’.

MG Motor India has partnered with gaming influencer Naman Mathur, a.k.a ‘Mortal’, for the upcoming launch of its ‘Smart Comet EV’. The brand is currently designing the Comet EV in collaboration with Mortal. The designs are based on different aspects of the gaming community. 

Speaking about the collaboration, Gaurav Gupta, chief commercial officer, MG Motor India, says that the company is an auto tech brand, and wants to reinforce its stance in the tech and innovation areas to elevate the consumer experience. 

“We believe that technology does have a human connection, and so do our innovations. We’re looking at humanising technology for our customers. We also believe that our portfolio (of vehicles) is targeting, and also serving, different genres of audiences.”

“With this (Comet EV), we want to target the younger generation simply because it’s very innovative and something that can support their urban mobility needs.” 

The brand revealed a few examples about what the audiences can expect, in terms of the design.

When MG Motors took design inspiration from the gaming community
When MG Motors took design inspiration from the gaming community

For example, the car’s seats are inspired by a ‘gaming chair’ and the steering wheel is inspired by gaming consoles. 

On collaborating with Mortal, Gupta says that both MG Motor and the influencer are two brands that can do a lot for each other through collaborative efforts. 

“Gaming is taking off big time in India. It personifies tech and that’s where MG builds up its entire innovative pillar. Hence, we thought about collaborating with Mortal. The possibilities of such partnerships are endless. We’re very excited to work with Mortal,” adds Gupta. 

Mortal, on the other hand, states that the gaming community targets Gen Z. It’s something that the brands want to target as well. 

“Comet, as a vehicle, is already quite future-oriented. I’m sure that anyone in my audience who thinks of purchasing a car, will go for an EV.”

The EV market in India 

The passenger EV market in India, has grown considerably over the past few years, says Gupta. This year, the passenger vehicle segment is expected to grow by 4-5x. Multiple brands are entering the segment. So, the consumers have choice. The infrastructure to support EVs, has also picked up because of government support. 

“We expect 30% of vehicles to be EVs by 2030, and 25% of growth coming from EVs in our portfolio,” says Gupta.

On the brand’s advertising and marketing strategy, he says that in terms of spends, MG Motor still a small player in the country. 

“However, we’ve received a lot of love from the public. This is why digital has a higher share of our marketing spends.” 

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