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The Orry phenomenon: Can this desi influencer earn Kardashian-fame in Bollytown?

We discover the brand appeal of one of the most recognisable yet mysterious celebrity influencers.

“I am a marketing genius.” and “I live, I am a liver.” are declarations emanating from one of the most recognisable yet enigmatic influencers of our times, ‘Orry,’ a.k.a. Orhan Awatramani. Determining if these statements hold any truth is a mystery we are unlikely to unravel.

Orry is the perfect example of ‘being famous, because of being famous’. His rise to fame can be a perfect case study for personal marketing. From being ‘papped’ with A-list celebrities and their kids to making a guest appearance in one of the biggest reality shows in the country, he’s done it all. Some say he is the perfect Indian avatar of the Kardashians or Paris Hiltons of the world while others assume he’s just another viral phenomenon that will fade with time. 

We speak to industry experts about the Orry phenomenon, what makes him the perfect fit for brands and how he can become a stronger brand himself.

What’s in it for brands?

Orry’s rise to fame is credited to his network which includes all the right people and the paparazzi, of course. Just a few months ago, Orry was a mystery who was spotted with every young celebrity from Suhana Khan and Janhavi Kapoor to Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Panday. People have wondered who he is and what exactly it is that he does.

A few months down the line, no one cares about what Orry actually does, as long as he’s entertaining people by just being himself.

 Mrunali Dedhia, vice president, Chtrbox says Orry’s strategy revolves around the theme of mystery with hints of humour. “It’s smart, it’s engaging & it keeps you hooked - three things that every brand content’s DNA should entail.”

“Though his social circle includes some of the biggest Bollywood faces, elite socialites and more, his approachable and friendly personality strikes a connection with the masses in an otherwise exclusive community,” she adds.

On the other hand, Lloyd Mathias, brand strategist and angel investor, thinks Orry currently is nothing but a viral/ moment phenomenon for brands.

“In the last month, Orry became a phenomenon and brands are just capitalising on him. However, to my mind, this is a bit of a fad until we get something more concrete from him down the lane,” he says.

On his Instagram, Orry is seen wearing luxury brands like Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton. Awatramani recently scored branded deals from Netflix and Cred. Furthermore, his recent appearance as a guest on Bigg Boss 17, one of the massiest reality TV shows, positions him as an ideal and versatile choice for brand collaborations, according to industry experts.

“While Orry is someone who can very easily blend his persona across multiple brand categories related to everything luxe and fashion, Orry would be best suited for anything that’s out-of-the-box, eccentric and all things GenZ. In essence, Orry's content is the key, making him a versatile and impactful collaborator across a spectrum of brand domains.” 

“Regardless of the brand category, Orry's content is the magic ingredient that turns every partnership into a delightful spectacle. His versatility is the spice that makes any brand partnership an unforgettable adventure in the Orry universe,” says Dedhia of Chtrbox.

The ideal roadmap ahead

The internet makes people forget things quickly. We have seen this happen with a number of viral sensations earlier, however, for Orry to really establish himself in space, he would need to do things differently than other influencers out there.

According to Mathias, it all depends on what he does to sustain and substantiate the current excitement around him. 

“I believe that he should do as few collaborations as possible or else he will end up being just another influencer. I feel if he wants to build something big in future, he should not be putting too much brand work on his social media handles. Maybe one or two collaborations with a premium brand would be good for him, or else he will just be in the same rat race,” says Devaiah Bopana, founding team, SuperTeam DAO.

He says Orry can be the next Kardashian of India if he remains relevant as a meme or remains relevant culturally for the next five or six years. Out of everyone now, he is well-placed to get that position due to
access to capital and a famous network of friends. 

Shrenik Gandhi, co-founder and CEO, White Rivers Media says that Orry's path to becoming India's Kardashian-esque sensation requires careful navigation because with big fame comes big responsibility. 

“He's got to partner with brands that resonate with his upbeat spirit, flamboyant flair, and trendsetting disposition,” states Gandhi. 

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