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Advertising to millions on a 100% brand-safe platform gets real with Glance

For any advertising campaign to generate revenue and boost consumer trust, it’s crucial that brands stay away from appearing next to problematic content.

Brand safety refers to practices that protects a brand from advertising in unsafe environments. For any advertising campaign to generate revenue and boost consumer trust, it’s crucial that brands stay away from appearing next to problematic content. Historically, ill-placed print ads have also incurred significant damage but, the advent and explosion of digital media have exacerbated these concerns. In digital advertising, it’s only a matter of time before a ‘great ad’ turns into a PR nightmare unless ad placements are strictly monitored.

Brand safety sums up all the strategies that a business can leverage to keep such negative ad placements at bay. With digital ad spends rising and the Indian digital ad revenue set to hit almost INR 540 billion by 2024 (source – statista), such initiatives are indispensable.

The alternative is scary – Even a single problematic ad can overturn all the equity that a brand has garnered through safe brand-building initiatives. Inexperienced advertisers also have a tough time navigating through the world of programmatic advertising and may find their ads appearing next to confrontational, plagiarised and fraudulent content. Not only do brand perceptions get impacted, but purchase intent takes a hit as well. With Millennials and the Gen Z keen on associating with brands that have an authoritative & inclusive voice, marketers can’t afford to take on poor brand alignment and risk alienating their key audiences.

Surprisingly, technology often fails to provide a nuanced approach to brand safety. Application of rudimentary tactics like keyword blocking and URL blacklisting aren’t enough as loopholes continue to exist. As for an example, many keywords have multiple meanings –blanket blocking can eradicate the chance of a brand ad appearing on an otherwise safe platform. Not only does the brand then lose out on a targeted audience, but its campaigns also fail to assume the scale they otherwise would have.

Inappropriate brand associations aren’t new but, brands do stand to lose more in today’s day and age than they did before. A 100% brand-safe platform can thus make a huge difference.

Glance, as the world’s only lock screen platform displays content that is curated using AI-led tools and supported by human moderation & approval. Before any visual gets served to users, it is evaluated based on robust content policies. Moreover, since Glance serves full-screen visuals without any overlapping content, a safe advertising environment is guaranteed for any and every brand.

Rest assured, a brand ad won’t be visible next to mature content, violent and/or disturbing imagery. On the lock screen, controversial subjects and drugs/ alcohol are a strict no-no as well. For all marketers who have struggled with their ads appearing alongside hate speech, Glance comes with good news – The platform never features profanity or content that might cause political or regional provocations. To make its environment truly 100% safe, Glance remains free of misinformation as well. This can be impactful for every brand, especially the ones that have mistakenly advertised on platforms propagating fake news during the pandemic.

As icing on the cake, Glance offers the best of both worlds – scale & safety. This means that not only does a brand get to communicate in a safe, clutter-free environment, it gets to do so on millions of lock screens. With an active user base of 163Mn in India alone, Glance can be the gateway for brands to acquire engaged audiences without losing the brand-safety battle.

So, before ‘conversation’ turns to ‘controversy’, get on Glance. Highlight your story to millions on mobile’s safest advertising platform

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