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Finolex and the art of saving water

The campaign questions the casual attitude that most people have towards water.

PVC pipes and fittings manufacturer, Finolex Industries Ltd's latest campaign, 'Paani ko #PaaniKiTarahMatBahao' released on the occasion of World Environment Day (June 5, 2015) has tried to question our attitude and awareness towards something as precious as water.

A 10-day (it is still on) campaign on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube was run to highlight the problem of water waste and create awareness on the importance of water conservation. Using the catchline and hashtag Paani Ko #PaaniKiTarahMatBahao the campaign makes a strong plea to not waste water.

Finolex and the art of saving water
The video campaign, uploaded on Youtube and Facebook, begins with a set of people from various walks of life. A boy who has just attended a lavish wedding, a girl carrying huge shopping bags in both her hands, a taxi driver who callously remarks 'Gaadi petrol pe chalti hai, paani pe nahi' (Car moves with the help of petrol and not water), a complaining lady, a caring aunt and a random friend - all with the same indifferent attitude towards water.

The boy who has just returned from the wedding party says that everything in the party flowed as smoothly as water, the woman who shopped for shoes expresses her delight at having spent her money on those shoes likening it to water and the taxi driver too, reiterates the fact that in the process of dropping a passenger, what is being consumed is petrol and not water. The second half of the video appeals to viewers to adopt a more sensitive approach and conserve water.

Social media connect

The video uploaded on Youtube on June 3, 2015 has garnered close to 100,000 views already. The Pani ko #PaniKiTarahNaBahao campaign is an attempt to make the viewer realise the folly of depleting the most precious resource on planet Earth. It exhorts viewers to wake up and take charge of the depletion of water by being more responsible and aware about this issue.

Says Nitin Kulkarni (president Sales and Marketing), Finolex Industries, "We want to sensitise the young generation on the value of conservation of this natural resource. At Finolex, we actively work with farmers and are aware of the acute problems they face because of limited water supply and low rainfall. We urge everyone to change their attitude towards the way water is used and be conscious of the value it brings to our lives."

The company also took to Twitter where a contest was launched to start a conversation on how to save water. The winners were chosen based on the quality of the tweets and the amount of engagement/interaction that they had on the Finolex Twitter handle.

Finolex and the art of saving water
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