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Mirum India and WebEngage join forces to redefine customer engagement

The partnership aims at merging communication expertise with an intuitive tech platform.

Mirum India, a Wunderman Thompson company, and WebEngage, a full stack retention operating system, have entered a partnership to redefine customer engagement for brands. The collaboration is set to bring together Mirum’s wealth of experience and expertise in MarTech and WebEngage's comprehensive and intuitive marketing automation platform.

It recognises the need for a holistic approach to customer engagement and underscores the commitment of both companies to deliver solutions that cater to the ever-evolving needs of the market.

Mirum has a vast understanding of digital and MarTech capabilities with a portfolio of marquee clients in APAC and MENA. WebEngage brings simplified customer engagement and retention solutions through a powerful customer data platform, engagement tool and personalisation engine.

The partnership will transform the CRM landscape, empowering businesses to supercharge their customer relationships with precision and panache.

Commenting on the partnership, Mihir Karkare, EVP, Mirum India, said, "This is a significant partnership for both Mirum and WebEngage as we are working towards delivering value to our customers. The strong synergy of WebEngage's robust platform with our expertise in delivering MarTech projects will surely create a more holistic approach to delivering a top-tier customer engagement solution, enabling our clients to achieve even greater success."

Apoorv Sood, vice president, global business development and partnerships, WebEngage, said, “The digital era has reshaped the way businesses operate and embracing digital transformation is no longer an option but a necessity. Brands need to constantly reinvent their engagement strategies, whether it involves better understanding their customers, enhancing engagement models or deployment of personalised user experiences.”

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