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PubMatic partners with PhonePe to unlock premium mobile app inventory for programmatic advertising in India

The partnership will allow advertisers to programmatically target a significant number of users on the PhonePe platform.

PubMatic, an independent technology company delivering digital advertising’s supply chain of the future, announced its partnership with PhonePe, India’s leading mobile payments and financial services platform.

This strategic collaboration makes PhonePe’s premium mobile app inventory and audiences available to PubMatic’s programmatic buying partners. As the industry looks for sustainable and differentiated solutions, this partnership provides Indian media buyers with a unique opportunity to tap into PhonePe’s Indic-language-speaking audiences across a diverse range of metropolitan and non-metropolitan locations.

PhonePe intends to make use of PubMatic's advanced programmatic technology in order to offer advertisers a secure and transparent supply chain. This will ensure compliance with privacy regulations and eliminate any fraudulent activities. Additionally, this partnership will enhance the user experience for viewers. Advertisers will now have the opportunity to programmatically reach a large number of users on the PhonePe platform, while viewers using the platform will receive advertising that is relevant and captivating.

“We’re excited to support PhonePe in diversifying and enhancing its digital monetisation by making its inventory and audiences available to a wider range of advertisers via programmatic technology,” said Amit Yadav, Country Manager, South Asia, at PubMatic. “This partnership helps PhonePe to maintain a positive experience for the consumers and businesses who use its platform every day, while making these high-value audiences available to PubMatic’s advertiser partners.”

Sravanthi Pasumarthi, director of strategy & operations, PhonePe Ads said, "We are excited to partner with PubMatic and get a foothold into the programmatic advertising space. At PhonePe, we bring to the table the widest reach in India, deep user cohorts, and a whole suite of brand solutions that enable advertisers to uniquely leverage our strengths for their brand solutions at scale. We believe that this partnership will elevate the overall advertising experience on our platform for both our partners and users.”

“The PubMatic-PhonePe collaboration underscores the growing significance of programmatic advertising within India's evolving digital ecosystem. This strategic partnership empowers advertisers to connect with highly engaged audiences, creating meaningful interactions that drive tangible business outcomes,” Pasumarthi added.

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