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Red FM attacks crime for the second time

The Sun TV-owned radio network has initiated the second season of Crime Ki Keh Ke Lenge, wherein the channel is interacting with criminals who aim to live a reformed life.

Red FM attacks crime for the second time
Red FM attacks crime for the second time
Red FM attacks crime for the second time
Red FM attacks crime for the second time
There are some criminals who chose the path of misdemeanour because of certain reasons, and deserve a second chance to live like normal law abiding citizens. This is the basic insight for the second season of Red FM's 'Crime Ki Keh Ke Lenge', a show that speaks directly to criminals to understand their history and the circumstances that led to their crime.

The channel has launched a campaign to promote the show with the tagline, 'Badlav ka ek mauka banta hai'. To be run for nearly three weeks, the show will speak to 15 criminals and also give listeners a chance to engage with them. The show is being aired in the morning slot (7-11 am) on the Morning No.1 show with RJs Swati and Rocky and will take up the case history of one person every day.

Red FM has selected 15 cases from a list of 150 provided by Yuva, a wing of Delhi Police that works towards reformation of criminals.

Speaking about the show and the idea, Nisha Narayanan, COO, 93.5 Red FM, says, "Crime is a very relatable topic and we want to help these people out. Here we are talking about people who have committed crime in the past but want to reform and start a new life. Our endeavour does not justify their crime, but in fact highlights the circumstances which forced them to commit the crime. It does not end there; as a station we are trying to bring a change in their lives by facilitation of collection of funds through Delhiites to fund their rehabilitation through appropriate careers."

The channel has not revised any rates for ads during the show and neither roped in any sponsor for it. It has tied up with Yuva and Divya Jyoti, NGOs that work to reform criminals.

Red FM is urging listeners to pledge money for these people. The funds collected will be used by Yuva to provide vocational skills to the people, who can then set up small businesses or work in different organisations. The minimum amount that a listener can pledge is Rs 1,000.

The channel claims that a lot of people are showing interest and pledging money towards the cause.

Apart from on-air announcements, Red FM has taken the OOH route via Delhi Metro to promote of the show. On the digital front, it is using Red FM's Facebook page ( to initiate conversations around the initiative.

Though Naryanan declined to comment on the marketing spends of the show, she adds that crime as a genre is extremely popular because it is real, and the impact is higher as people are much more concerned about their safety today. One has to admit that the genre is also thrilling to watch.

Last year, the first season of Crime Ki Keh Ke Lenge spoke about the instances where people fought crime.

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