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Cartoon Network is not shutting down

There were rumours that the channel was shutting down after netizens misconstrued a viral post on X.

On X, '#RIPCartoonNetwork' went viral on Monday after a user posted a video titled 'Cartoon Network is dead?!'. People interpreted the video as speculation that the channel was shutting down, when in fact the video was talking about something completely different.

The post was actually aimed at shedding light on the challenges of being an animator in 2024. The video discussed layoffs, financial instability, unemployment and termination of animators.

It also explained how the animation industry saw a boom during the pandemic, but quickly saw the studios cancelling projects, outsourcing jobs, or even laying off artists in large numbers.

The post then asked netizens to help animators by posting their favourite Cartoon Network show that they have memories with, with #RIPCartoonNetwork. However, some portion of the audience misconstrued the hashtag as an indication that the channel was shutting down.

The company has also come forward and cleared the air on the speculations. In a statement, Cartoon Network said, "Cartoon Network would like to clarify that there is no truth to the speculation that the network or the studio is shutting down. With a number of recently announced greenlights, we remain committed to continually investing in innovative content that entertains and inspires our viewers across the globe."

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